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Don’t Judge New Tech Too Early

ericsson historical gsm old photo da1900-31549-lm010584-1_970x546_90_40711.jpg

VR devices are today where mobile phones were when this great Ericsson photo was taken (before even my time, though I’m very old).

The two gentlemen knew the potential of the technology. The tech worked already then. It was just so pricy and bulky that only yuppie stock brokers, veterinaries and others to whom reachability were critical used it. Everyone else preferred to just wait until they got home and call from the fixed phone.

But as technology refinement continued, device size dropped, price dropped, network costs dropped and usefulness increased. We got color screens and app stores. Speed went from bps to Gbps. The cheapest phone went from $10k to $10. Three decades later, every person on the planet had a mobile phone, even homeless people on the streets in India.

With VR and AR devices, we are on the same journey. There is no doubt in my mind, that this technology will replace the smartphone (screen), the computer (screen) and the TV, and become our interface to the digital domain, always there for us.

5G + VR

Something else is happening at the same time. 5G is happening. Unlike 2G, 3G and 4G networks, the next generation of 5G and beyond network will have enough network capacity to serve VR and AR applications properly (explained further under Mobile).

First we humans lived spread out to farm. Then we moved into cities to go to factories and to offices. With 5G and VR & AR, I think we will reverse much of that migration. If you could truly live wherever you like on the planet and still do the same work, and your social life largely happens on VR social media anyway, would you buy an expensive condo in a city suburb, or go live on the beach? The answer is not obvious, but it is at least possible that inner city real estate prices will not continue up forever.

Cinematic VR

In 2017 I developed an open source VR Framework for Interactive Cinematic VR. Just after I released it on GitHub, the framework trended past the best-trending open source repositories of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Alibaba, Airbnb and Uber - not just in VR but in all software, without marketing. That showed me the enormous craving for thus technology, but it also humbled me for the magnitude of the undertaking. I’m not going to go compete with Facebook.

building for billions of users

Hence, rather than building a company around it, I decided to hand over over maintenance of that particular repo and instead give advice to other companies in the VR and AR field, thereby also leveraging my experience in building ecosystems with billions of users.

In every radical technology and society change, there are opportunities to flip old truths. Rather than focusing on today’s competitors, there will be people who carves out new monopolies.

Technology leadership & perseverance

I am eager to work with other thought leaders in the industry, who have enough perseverance to stick around until real value, to real customers, at scale, is achieved. That is always a long journey, and a rewarding one.

I’ve tried to embody the term “Technology Leadership” for two decades. That is where the fun it tech lives. Don’t be a follower, it is a dull place. When you see yourself copied, you know you are winning.

Anders Larsson, M.Sc.
Founder LS Future Technology AB
Formerly Ericsson Head of Mobile Broadband Practice in Southeast Asia and Oceania
Formerly Coder of VR Framework :-)


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