Artificial intelligence & NEURAL NETWORKS

If you have a need for:

  • Advisor Video - bringing your vision to life, in the language of customers and investors
    (subject to regulatory compliance)

  • Principal consultancy - AI Ecosystem for the Billions, AI Business Strategy

  • Speaking engagement - Building AI Ecosystems for Billions of People

  • Investor network (no endorsements, promotions or brokerage - if I see a match, I connect you for free)

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Don’t Face-off with AI

Surprisingly often I find myself advising people against a career that will put themselves in a position where they are competing against AI. That game they will eventually lose. Maybe not today, but soon. Instead, I suggest them to leverage AI as a tool for competition.

Much of sophisticated work done by highly paid professionals today, will be done better by AI tomorrow. I have learned four languages. Google translates two of them far better than me now, always, and sometimes all four.

I’m a good technical trader, and in my specific niche maybe one of the best. But in the future, I have no doubt that software will do that better than me. Then, given the cost of replication being nearly 0, that entire opportunity will no longer exist. I have therefore already now carved out my specific trading niche in a way that it will take decades for software to learn, because the feedback loops will be very long. By comparison, short-term will soon be gone, if it has not already happened.

Those kind of strategic decisions need to be taken today.

How can I help?

In 1992, some 27 years ago, I coded AI and do I understand artificial neural networks, but I am very far from a global, principal level expert. Unlike my other technology practices, I have not created any own technology within the AI field. So how can I help?

billion user ecosystem

If you have a need, I can contribute with strategic advice and networks for building tech ecosystems with billions of users, drawing from my two decades of experience in doing that, covering properties required in:

  • Technical interfaces

  • Business setup

  • Strategy

  • Culture

  • Leadership

Advisor Video

I also make Advisor Videos that have been appreciated - short video stories that bring life to a vision. I show up on-screen and speak from the heart, less perfect, less staged, more authentic, and in the language of customer executives and professional investors.

Over 20+ years throughout my old telecom life, I convinced thousands decision makers and investors to open the big wallet to buy telecom networks - which turned out good advice. In fact, I cannot recall a single instance of someone who wasn’t happy that they trusted what I said.

Sometimes one insight put in context makes all the difference between a Yes or a No from a customer C-level or from a professional investor.

Simplification, trust, authenticity and a common purpose cuts to the chase in almost all business and investing. There I can help.

Careful regulatory compliance must be applied, including the distribution of any such a material. I cannot help with material for retail investors (and no ico’s).


I have great hopes that AI will improve our society, in areas from solving short term decision making to fake news.

Bad things will probably also come from it. I cannot help stop the bad actors doing bad applications - that is for regulators and authorities - but I hope that I can play a role in bringing out more good applications to more people.

Technology leadership & perseverance

In every radical technology and society change, there are opportunities to flip old truths. Rather than focusing on today’s competitors, there will be people carving out new monopolies.

I am eager to work with other thought leaders in the industry, who have enough perseverance to stick around until real value, to real customers, at scale, is achieved. It is always a long journey, and a rewarding one.

I’ve tried to embody the term “Technology Leadership” for two decades. That is where the fun it tech lives. Don’t be a follower, it is a dull place. When you see yourself copied, you know you are winning.

Anders Larsson, M.Sc.
Founder LS Future Technology AB
Formerly Ericsson Head of Mobile Broadband Practice in Southeast Asia and Oceania
Formerly AI coder - in 1992 ;-)


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