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We can fail everything else, but not this. We must succeed with Green Tech, for our children and grandchildren.

The Green Site

One of my last roles in Ericsson was being CTO for Ericsson Myanmar (Burma). It was my chance to do a start-up within the corporation. We grew the office from 3 guys in a guest house with no working Internet, to 600 team members strong and covered the country with the world’s most efficient mobile network ever built - in about three years. Myanmar went from a country where most people had never made a phone call in their life, to everyone having smartphones, with nothing in-between and almost over-night.

Facing skepticism, I also did the “Green Site”. It was the first time in the telecom industry that a site became more economical to power with solar than with diesel. This feat won Ericsson’s GLOMO award at Mobile World Congress 2017. In everything I have achieved, that was maybe my proudest moment to date, and it is the banner I still use on LinkedIn, because I made a real contribution to fight climate change. There are many millions of sites in the world’s telecom networks and when economics aligns with green targets, instead of being in contradiction, things can happen at scale. The telecom revolution has already reduced emissions significantly (a phone call emits less CO2 than a car ride obviously) and with this solution, it gets even better. All companies generally want to be green, but not all companies can afford to do it at a large cost.


It was also in the making of this video, that I realized the value in making such “Advisor Videos” - short video stories that bring life to a vision, where I show up on-screen and speak from the heart. Less perfect, less staged, more authentic.


YouTube embed, “Pure Solar Myanmar” (c) Ericsson

Most people thought the solution I was trying to do was impossible, and there was healthy skepticism to my crazy idea. But sometimes you just can’t wait for permission - you just have to go and do it. My wife filmed the interview on my iPhone and we asked her friend to edit it that weekend. I bought coffee and we sat on his bed throughout that Saturday-Sunday, while his young son was playing around us. Thanks to that video, I got the message out, it became the celebrated, and made real impact on climate change.

Old truths and new monopolies

I see enormous potential in many more Green Technologies. One of the most exciting areas right now is Geothermal and I was an early investor in Climeon. When people think that everything is already invented, someone comes along and creates something previously thought impossible. Climeon makes electricity at high efficiency from warm water, an energy source that is almost unlimited (the earth is hot in the middle). Richard Branson is a customer and Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have now also invested. Generally, the more senior you get, the more important the field of Green Technology seems, and the more you want to do to help.

I have no doubt, that over time, green technology will become more important, attract more investors, and constitute a more critical part of our survival than it does today. In every radical technology and society change, there are opportunities to flip old truths. Rather than focusing on today’s competitors, there will be people who will carve out new monopolies.

Technology leadership & perseverance

I am eager to work with other thought leaders in the industry, who have enough perseverance to stick around until real value, to real customers, at scale, is achieved. It is always a long journey, and a rewarding one.

I’ve tried to embody the term “Technology Leadership” for two decades. That is where the fun it tech lives. Don’t be a follower, it is a dull place. When you see yourself copied, you know you are winning.

Anders Larsson, M.Sc.
Founder LS Future Technology AB
Formerly Ericsson Head of Mobile Broadband Practice in Southeast Asia and Oceania


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